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Defib Service Plans

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Defib Service Plans

Don't Let Your Equipment Go Unoticed!

While having AED's in place is an essential step to ensuring emergency preparedness, it is equally essential to make certain these safety devices are inspected regularly and receive proper maintenance. 

An AED Maintenance & Service Plan guarantees dependable operation at your time of need. Every component comprising your AED is important to efficient operation and a proper service agreement ensures constant availability. 

What Equipment Services Are Provided?

What happens if a component is not operating correctly? Will your AED be ready for use after an event requiring application has occured? Are the correct on-going maintenance actions being completed to keep your equipment in good condition? If not, the chances of an AED failing to operate at the time of need are extremely high. With the AED Maintenance & Service Plan, you receive four imperitive services: 

  • Routine Inspection
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Post Event Servicing
  • On-site Service

We Take Care of the Details to Provide a Little Peace of Mind

Each peace of our offered AED Maintenance & Service Plan plan ensures quick, dependable operation and functional equipment at the time of need. As part of our offered plan, you will receive: 

  • Full Initial Inspection of Unit and Accessories
  • Report of Recommended Upgrades and Servicing
  • On-site Software Upgrades (When Possible)
  • Monthly Maintenance Checks for Equipment Recalls/Updates
  • Arrange for Sending of Unit to the Manufacturer
  • Unit Decontamination After Use
  • Provide a Loaner Unit for Duration of Post-Event Servicing
  • Post-Event Part Replacement and Maintenance
  • On-site Replacement of AED Pads, Batteries, and Accessories

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